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Women in Hollywood

Big Little Lies Star’s Call for More Women Roles in Hollywood

The importance of women represented in television and film

Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon gave an empowering speech for women at  the Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony.  After their show won eight Emmys that night, Big Little Lies took home the award for Outstanding Limited Series.  Witherspoon and Kidman called out to Hollywood for more stories about women. Their speech shows just how powerful a woman's voice can be. It showed that not only can female driven stories be entertaining but they can also be successful.

“Hollywood has seen a revival of women leading the way. Like these two leading ladies, representation is important. Especially when men are still profiting off women. This shows that you do not need a man to create something successful and meaningful”

.According to Huffington Post, 9 million more women have gone to the movies than men have in the past six years. Films like Wonder Woman have drove women to theaters because of its positive representation. Shows like Big Little Lies, Insecure, Feud, are among a few that have taken this year by storm. Not only have they entertained the masses but have raised discussion on topics from ageism to racism. However, there is still so many corners of Hollywood that need addressing.

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