Harvard University’s Middle East Initiative by Jamil Kharrazi

Harvard’s Middle East Initiative

How Harvard is changing the way we understand the Middle East

After a failed attempt at bringing peace in the Middle East, Bush’s Middle East Initiative did the opposite. Radical groups views America’s plan to spread democracy as shallow and backwards.

“What Bush understood as America’s next democratic project, his next grand political scheme in America’s quest for world domination was hijacked by ISIL to bring about the Islamic Caliphate,” said political analyst Sahah. Where Bush envisioned democracy, ISIL imagined an Islamic empire powerful enough to rival the United States of America,”

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Jamileh Kharrazi

Women’s Democracy in the Middle East By Jamileh Kharrazi

The Greater Middle East Initiative and the driving force behind women

President Bush introduced a foreign policy to the G-8 (group of eight developed countries in the Middle East) late April in 2004. However, a draft of the Greater Middle East Initiative was leaked by newspaper Al-Hayat in February said Jamileh Kharrazi. The proposal was meant for senior officials of each specific country in the G-8. Many leaders of the Arab world as well as European nation’s criticized this policy; a policy that called to reform the countries by introducing western views.  However, there is more to democracy than just politics. It also aimed to help empower women in countries where women’s issues have gone unnoticed.

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جمیله خرازی

Improving Women’s Lives in Lebanon

Improving Women’s Lives in Lebanon

Bettering women’s status in a close-minded liberal country

From an American stand point, one would never allow a rapist to marry his victim in order to escape charges. What about being jailed for loving someone or being harassed with no one to help you? According to Lady Jamileh Kharrazi, in countries like Lebanon, women issues have long been swept under the Burka. Many Arab nations suffer from lack of human rights when it comes to women. However, laws and women’s rights organizations are rallying to empower ladies and move the women’s movement forward.


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