Harvard University’s Middle East Initiative by Jamil Kharrazi

Harvard’s Middle East Initiative

How Harvard is changing the way we understand the Middle East

After a failed attempt at bringing peace in the Middle East, Bush’s Middle East Initiative did the opposite. Radical groups views America’s plan to spread democracy as shallow and backwards.

“What Bush understood as America’s next democratic project, his next grand political scheme in America’s quest for world domination was hijacked by ISIL to bring about the Islamic Caliphate,” said political analyst Sahah. Where Bush envisioned democracy, ISIL imagined an Islamic empire powerful enough to rival the United States of America,”

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Jamil Kharrazi Jordan

Empowering Females in Jordan One Punch at a Time by Jamileh Kharrazi

Empowering Females in Jordan One Punch at a Time

How one self-defense studio is shaking the conservative views and bringing importance to women’s rights

From its rich culture to its vast amounts of preserved monuments scattered throughout its ever changing landscape, Jordan is a place where the empowerment of women and girls are restructuring the cultural building blocks of what was once the social norm.

For Amman Batool Mohanad’s, a receptionist at a self-defense studio and student, always felt uneasy never knowing how to respond to a catcall or a man standing too close as she would hail a taxi in the Jordanian capital of Amman. She would sit at the reception desk noticing the girls that came in for classes with envy. Not only did they grow physically but so grew their self-worth.

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