Upcoming Film on Phoolan Devi Celebrates a Rebel and a Role Model

“Phoolan Devi, for me, is a symbol,” says Lady Kharrazi. “She wasn’t a woman, she’s a legend.” On one hand, she was an outcast in the eyes of society. She was a murderer and a bandit, and she did lots of things that were wrong.

However, that humanity made her endearing. People loved her because of it, and many nearly worshiped her as a religious figure. As a result, Lady Kharrazi is helping to produce an up-and-coming film about the life of Phoolan Devi.

Jamileh Kharrazi Phoolan Devi MovieWho Was Phoolan Devi?

Phoolan was born to a poor family in India. Like many women in these unfortunate situations, Phoolan was constantly exposed to violence.  However, despite this turmoil, Phoolan refused to hide in the shadows. Instead, she turned the tables on her abusers.

The Bandit Queen was praised as a folk hero for her rebellion and elected to India’s parliament by popular vote. However, Phoolan’s political career was cut tragically short in 2001 when she was murdered. As the Guardian reported, it took 10 years for her murderer to be brought to justice.

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Arts and Culture Create a Platform for Sharing Ideas

Arts and Culture Create a Platform for Sharing Ideas

Lady Kharrazi believes in humanity and family values. She understands that love is universal, and that what brings us together is far more powerful than what makes us different. This is why she works hard to bridge cultural divides through her charitable organization, the Toos Foundation.

jamileh kharrazi
Shushma Datt of Women in Focus and Lady Jamileh Kharrazi
Preserving Art to Preserve Culture and History

Originally from Iran, she has seen artifacts of critical cultural and historical value destroyed in the name of revolution. As widely reported, the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran saw priceless and timeless artifacts destroyed.  

This destruction, however, is irreversible. It takes knowledge away from the people that can’t be returned. By destroying art and cultural artifacts, political minds try to rewrite history in their favor. As a result, we all must fight to keep arts and culture alive and well.

Shushma Datt of Women in Focus just recently gushed about Lady Kharrazi, referring to her as “an amazing person who is so close to art and culture.” Indeed, she has taken on the important mission of rebuilding destroyed culture.

Through the Toos Foundation, she is working hard to refill the cultural archives lost to nations in conflict. This includes traditional music and dance, architecture, sculpture, painting, and every other form of artistic expression.

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United Nations And Gender Equality Work

UN Makes Progress Towards Ending Gender- Based Violence and Boosting Equality

    The United Nations is working with other organizations and individuals to one day make gender-based violence a thing of the past. And, happily, they have made marked progress in this regard. The Agency has been working hard to increase peace and equality worldwide.

UN Women Jamileh Kharrazi
Jamielh Kharrazi: UN Makes Progress Towards Ending Gender- Based Violence and Boosting Equality
Much of this work begins by creating programs aimed at assisting women and girls. In fact, The United Nation has deemed gender equality a fundamental human right.

Gender-Based Violence is a Worldwide Problem

    Highly-regarded advocacy groups like the World Health Organization have identified gender-based violence as a major problem. This type of abuse raises substantial humanitarian, public safety, and health concerns. And unfortunately, it’s a problem that exists everywhere.

In some parts of the world, girls face threats of violence their entire lives. As a result, they often face unimaginable challenges. Young girls are married off to adult men in forced marriages.

In some instances of the most severe gender-based violence, women and young girls are subject to genital mutilation. As horrifying as it seems, the UN estimates that 133 million girls and women experience this type of violence.

Although gender-based violence is most dire in Africa, Oceania, and Western Asia, it is a problem everywhere in the world.

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