About Lady Kharrazi

Lady Jamileh Kharrazi has worked tirelessly to create a better understanding between the “East and West cultures” through art, dance and music. She has organized and participated in concerts of folkloric and classical songs across the globe together with European Orchestras.

Jamileh Kharrazi has produced, directed or choreographed several performances across United States, Europe and in the Middle East including: The History of Three Thousand Years – Sufi Dance, Memories in Exile Series, Memories in Exile The story of love, Memories in Exile The Iranian Ballet, Persian Waltz, Ziafat Series, Rose Dance in Los Angeles,  Along the Silk Road, Love Came and Set the World on Fire and many more for over three decades.

In addition, Lady Jamil has joint ventures with the Jackson’s family to benefit Humanitarian causes from the revenue of ‘Jackson Five’ production. Her foundation's initiatives has also extended to humanitarian aids in warn torn and third world nations from Africa to Middle East

Lady Kharrazi has worked with Harvard University, Harris School of Public Policy – The University of Chicago, University of Singapore and the American University of Afghanistan to help student, especially women gain access to higher and equal education.