Progress Continues for Women’s Political Rights

Recently, we have seen a new wave of women running for political office. This is particularly exciting, since we need more women in political leadership. Strong women in politics, including Phoolan Devi in India, have made important changes. As more women run for office, this progress will continue.

Lady Jamileh Kharrazi at the AUAF Dinner Gala

Female Political Leadership is Important

Female leaders make large steps towards achieving gender equality. This is a demonstrated fact. Studies have shown that involving more women in political activity increases their likelihood of success. This is also true for peace conferences and in general decision-making.

Female participation directly aids political and social resolutions, and makes for stronger democracies. Women have also helped make and meet sustainable development and human rights goals.

All in all, female leaders in around the world have increased health and welfare for millions. Women in leadership have proven  to be critical in social and economic development. So, as more women run for office, they will help build a better world for the future.

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Women in Politics Face Systematic Challenges

According to the United Nations, women only hold around one-fifth of national legislative seats, and 38 countries have less than 10% female representation in their governments. This is a clear underrepresentation of women in politics. After all, if women make up about half of the world’s population, shouldn’t they also make up about half of its leadership?

Phoolan Devi was an Indian politician who showed the world that women can rise up from violence and oppression to become great leaders. A survivor of violent sexual assault and child marriage, Phoolan refused to give in to her circumstances. Instead, she fought back, and eventually became one of the most well-loved politicians in India.

Her assassination was evidence of the ongoing violence and oppression women in power face. This is true around the world, and something must be done to stop it. We are spreading the story of Phoolan to achieve this goal, so we hope you will support our upcoming film.

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Upcoming Film on Phoolan Devi Celebrates a Rebel and a Role Model

“Phoolan Devi, for me, is a symbol,” says Lady Kharrazi. “She wasn’t a woman, she’s a legend.” On one hand, she was an outcast in the eyes of society. She was a murderer and a bandit, and she did lots of things that were wrong.

However, that humanity made her endearing. People loved her because of it, and many nearly worshiped her as a religious figure. As a result, Lady Kharrazi is helping to produce an up-and-coming film about the life of Phoolan Devi.

Jamileh Kharrazi Phoolan Devi MovieWho Was Phoolan Devi?

Phoolan was born to a poor family in India. Like many women in these unfortunate situations, Phoolan was constantly exposed to violence.  However, despite this turmoil, Phoolan refused to hide in the shadows. Instead, she turned the tables on her abusers.

The Bandit Queen was praised as a folk hero for her rebellion and elected to India’s parliament by popular vote. However, Phoolan’s political career was cut tragically short in 2001 when she was murdered. As the Guardian reported, it took 10 years for her murderer to be brought to justice.

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