Progress Continues for Women’s Political Rights

Recently, we have seen a new wave of women running for political office. This is particularly exciting, since we need more women in political leadership. Strong women in politics, including Phoolan Devi in India, have made important changes. As more women run for office, this progress will continue.

Lady Jamileh Kharrazi at the AUAF Dinner Gala

Female Political Leadership is Important

Female leaders make large steps towards achieving gender equality. This is a demonstrated fact. Studies have shown that involving more women in political activity increases their likelihood of success. This is also true for peace conferences and in general decision-making.

Female participation directly aids political and social resolutions, and makes for stronger democracies. Women have also helped make and meet sustainable development and human rights goals.

All in all, female leaders in around the world have increased health and welfare for millions. Women in leadership have proven  to be critical in social and economic development. So, as more women run for office, they will help build a better world for the future.

Female Leaders Offer Unique Skills

When people think about leaders, they often don’t immediately envision a woman. However, women offer unique skills and perspectives. Thus, the more women we have in politics, the more diverse and skilled our leadership will be.

Women are often very perceptive, and they have excellent problem-solving skill. So, the unique skills of female leaders can be exceptionally helpful. For example, women have met major goals in government.

This includes programming, policy development, and budget allocation. One of the reasons that they are so successful is that female leaders often make decisions based on compassion. They act according to the needs and rights of the people in their communities. This perspective is very important. The more closely a government represents the people in its society, the better balanced it will be.

The Fight for Female Leadership Continues

Female leaders have inspired women from a variety of backgrounds to come together. Through unity, they have successfully changed politics, laws, and social standards. We have seen this around the world, Women are mobilizing to end sexual violence and fight racial and gender discrimination.  These actions have brought real change, and many women are bringing the fight from the streets to the statehouses.

Female political leadership has created positive changes in the everyday lives of women everywhere. Women have forced people to become accountable for sexual harassment and violence. They have increased education access and fought corruption. And of course, they have opened the doors for the next generation of women leaders.

There have been relatively few strong female leaders throughout history. That’s why Phoolan Devi stands out as such an important role model.

Women like Phoolan not made meaningful political and social changes during their careers. But they are still teaching young women how important their political actions are for the future.

They teach young women to be strong in the face of oppression, violence, and even murder. Fighting these horrible things makes the world a better place for us all. That’s why the progress we’ve made in the fight for female political leadership has been so important. But notably, the women’s rights movement is still progressing and is far from finished.