Jamileh kharrazi & FAUAF-750

Jamileh kharrazi & FAUAF

About FAUAF:

Friends of the American University of Afghanistan (FAUAF) founded in 2008 is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit located in Washington, D.C. They provide financial support and increase awareness and understanding of academic institutions, such as AUAF, which is located in Kabul.

Friends of the American University of Afghanistan (FAUAF) is dedicated to support higher education in Afghanistan through entities such as American University of Afghanistan (AUAF), Afghanistan’s only independent, private, not for profit, non-sectarian, coeducational institution of higher learning.

FAUAF enhances higher education opportunities in Afghanistan through grants that support infrastructure, financial aid, and programs that meet the needs of Afghanistan. FAUAF serves as a development and communications center for United States donors.

Financial aid assistance is the greatest need among private, non-profit higher education institutions in Afghanistan. At institutions we support, a contribution of $12,500 will afford one full year of undergraduate education and $18,000 will support an MBA degree. Donate

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Jamileh kharrazi & FAUAF