Supporting Women to Become Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

In the United States, mid-term elections are quickly approaching. This is in the midst of an often confusing and downright depressing political climate. However, as more females are running for office in the U.S.. This gives many women and minority communities cause for hope. These pioneering women need our support to make sure they are successful. This is particularly true given how few women have risen to political power.

A Rising Tide of Female Leadership

When looking to make future change, we must first understand the past. What should we do to help achieve the just and sustainable world of our dreams? One significant step forward can be made in boosting female leadership. In fact, we all benefit from increasing women’s presence in political leadership.

Progress ebbs and flows. Hopefully, we are seeing an ongoing flow in female leadership worldwide. The recent uptick in women’s political activities gives cause for hope that the tide is rising. This year may very well go down in history as a landmark year for women’s achievements. However, we cannot ignore how much progress pioneering women of the past have already made.

Women Leaders Jamileh Kharrazi
Supporting Women to Become Tomorrow’s Leaders Today
Women’s Political Organizations

The last presidential election took many advocates by surprise. In its wake, however, organizations advancing women’s rights in the political process have blossomed.  The increase in women’s political advocacy organizations heralds a more hopeful future. In fact, many people are hopeful for many progressive causes, not just so-called women’s issues.

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Progress Continues for Women’s Political Rights

Recently, we have seen a new wave of women running for political office. This is particularly exciting, since we need more women in political leadership. Strong women in politics, including Phoolan Devi in India, have made important changes. As more women run for office, this progress will continue.

Lady Jamileh Kharrazi at the AUAF Dinner Gala

Female Political Leadership is Important

Female leaders make large steps towards achieving gender equality. This is a demonstrated fact. Studies have shown that involving more women in political activity increases their likelihood of success. This is also true for peace conferences and in general decision-making.

Female participation directly aids political and social resolutions, and makes for stronger democracies. Women have also helped make and meet sustainable development and human rights goals.

All in all, female leaders in around the world have increased health and welfare for millions. Women in leadership have proven  to be critical in social and economic development. So, as more women run for office, they will help build a better world for the future.

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Women in Politics Face Systematic Challenges

According to the United Nations, women only hold around one-fifth of national legislative seats, and 38 countries have less than 10% female representation in their governments. This is a clear underrepresentation of women in politics. After all, if women make up about half of the world’s population, shouldn’t they also make up about half of its leadership?

Phoolan Devi was an Indian politician who showed the world that women can rise up from violence and oppression to become great leaders. A survivor of violent sexual assault and child marriage, Phoolan refused to give in to her circumstances. Instead, she fought back, and eventually became one of the most well-loved politicians in India.

Her assassination was evidence of the ongoing violence and oppression women in power face. This is true around the world, and something must be done to stop it. We are spreading the story of Phoolan to achieve this goal, so we hope you will support our upcoming film.

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